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Colorado Criminal Charges

Colorado criminal offenses are classified into three broad categories: petty offenses, misdemeanors, and felonies. These classifications determine both the seriousness, and the potential punishment for the crime charged. This website only discusses a limited number of criminal offenses, and I regularly represent people charged with crimes not listed here. Please call my office to discuss any criminal charge that you are facing.

The most common misdemeanor offenses in Colorado include DUI, Assault, Harassment, and Theft. However, there are many others. Contrary to common belief, Domestic Violence is not a criminal charge, but rather, is a label applied to a case involving actual charges – like Assault for example. Misdemeanor offenses carry a possible sentence to the county jail, in the county that hears the case. The maximum sentence on a misdemeanor crime is two years in the State of Colorado. However, keep in mind that sentences for more than one conviction can be added together, to “run consecutively.”

Felony charges are more serious, and carry a possible sentence to The Colorado Department of Corrections, or prison. A sentence to prison is then followed by a mandatory period of parole, during which the defendant is still within the custody of state. The most common felony charges in Colorado include Assault, Menacing, Drug Possession or Distribution, and Theft. The most serious crimes include Homicide, Sexual Assault, Kidnapping, and Theft involving large amounts of money. Some felony offenses carry a mandatory prison sentence. Anyone convicted of a third felony will face a mandatory sentence to prison, unless the District Attorney can be persuaded not to enforce this rule.

Obtaining accurate legal advice about your charges is essential before you waive any important rights in court. Please call my office to discuss your case before you appear in court. The best advice is to have an attorney before you must appear in court. This ensures that you will make the right decisions, and you will not be faced with a one-on-one conversation with the prosecutor in your case.

Understanding Your Charges

Criminal ChargesIt is important to understand your charges and the consequences of a conviction. In Colorado State court cases, the charging document will indicate what level of felony or misdemeanor you are facing. This is most often written in parenthesis next to the name of the charge, for example, “Theft (F3).” In this example, the defendant is charged with a Class Three Felony. This is important to notice, because some crimes, such as Theft, can be charged at different levels depending on the facts of the case. It is helpful if you can provide this information when you contact us.


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